Health Plan PLUS: greater protection in a single Plan

Fondo Sanedil has extended the PLUS Health Plan to all workers and their families, strengthening and expanding the existing services.

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Out-of-network dentistry

Fondo Sanedil has introduced the "mobile dental prosthesis" guarantee into the health plan and the possibility of requesting reimbursement for all dental services carried out outside the affiliated network!

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We have upgraded the Health Monitor Service

the free service designed to assist you in monitoring chronic diseases!


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Interventi straordinari
Why wait for crisis interventions?

Prevention is the first step in safeguarding everyone's health; this is why we include a prevention package in the coverage provided by our Health Plans!

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Sanedil is the Supplementary Health Care Fund dedicated to workers in construction and related industries.
Established on 15 November 2018 to provide its members with health and social care, supplementary to that provided by the National Health Service.
The Fund has the legal status of a non-recognised association and is non-profit making.


News from the Fondo

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Fondo Sanedil makes available to its members a vast network of branches that are affiliated with UniSalute and that guarantee high quality and medical standards.

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Our Governing Bodies


Chair: AugustoVogliotti
Vice-Chair: Antonio Di Franco


Managing Director: Luca Petricca


Stefano Costa, Ottavio De Luca, Paolo Figoli, Ezio Giorgi, Riccardo Masini, Alessandro Minicucci, Angelo Ribelli, Francesco Sannino, Luigi Sibilio, Renato Verri

Board of Statutory Auditors

Gianfranco Pallaria (President), Cosimo Cafagna, Alessandro Zadotti

Constituent Social Partners